Launch Ministries places a high value on the integrity and fiscal responsibility of the organization.  The board of directors has adopted the following “good governance” policies to ensure honest and open communications within the ministry:

  1. Our Conflict of Interest Policy states that all board members and employees identify any potential conflict of interest, and all board members sign a disclosure form annually.

  2. Launch Ministries has an established Whistleblower Policy and process to report and handle any potential issues of fraud and abuse.

  3. We have a Record Retention and Disposal Policy that gives specific guidelines to staff and the board regarding how long to keep our documents.

  4. The board annually performs an Executive Director Review, including performance and the compensation package.

  5. It is the board’s policy to give its members a copy of the Form 990 tax review before it is submitted at the end of the fiscal year.

  6. Launch Ministries makes available the following information to be transparent with its constituents and comply with federal regulations for non-profit organizations:

  • (PDF of tax form 1023 application)
  • (PDF of tax form 501c3 approval)
  • (PDF of tax form 990) 

The financial statements are not available to the general public, other than as reported on the annual Form 990.  The financial statements are unaudited and are only intended to be used for reporting purposes to the board.