To guide students to submit all of life to Jesus Christ, equip them to impact their public school campus through living out the Gospel and to launch them into their God given potential & purpose.




to introduce and guide students to submit all of life to the empowering presence and Lordship of Jesus Christ through experiential and community based learning.




to help students embrace biblical convictions in all of life, and to instill a passion for living on mission.




To LAUNCH students back to their campuses and communities fully equipped to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.


Our Values:

• We value experiential and community based learning.

• Our goal is to create an environment where teachers and students build a strong sense of community with each other.

• Our goal is to create an experiential culture that is centered around God’s Word and connects with all styles of learning.

• We value ‘living sent’

• Our goal is to help students live out the mission of Jesus by launching them as missionaries to local schools.

• Our goal is to equip students to initiate spiritual conversations on campus.

• We value impacting the culture of the local school.

• Our goal is to honor the name of Jesus through our actions, service and the actions and service of our students.  

• Our goal is to build a strong partnership with the local schools serving them as they serve the students in our community.  

• We value partnership with local churches

• Our goal is to enable youth pastors to have more contact with their students and empower them in their calling.  

• Our goal is to provide a means for the local church to work in unity with each other.


The vehicle we utilize to reach our vision, accomplish our mission, and live out our values is public high school Release Time.  Release Time has been referred to as the "overlooked open door" to public high school students.