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The Launch Pad Story

Launch Ministries and the Launch Pad Christian Release Time Program began with a simple prayer.
“God we know that public high school students can be released from school to take a class on religion, (like the LDS students) would you please raise up someone/something that could provide high school students with this unique opportunity.”

You know what they say, “be careful what you pray for because you might be the answer to that prayer.”

Six months after Rock Brown prayed that prayer God began to birth a vision in his heart for Launch Ministries and The Launch Pad Christian Release Time Program.

What began in the fall of 2006 with one Launch Pad location and has now grown to 20 Launch Pad sites across the state of Idaho and Washington. The vision has multiplied!

In the past 11 years nearly 1500 public high school students have taken our Bible classes, over 135 volunteer teachers have taught our courses, and nearly 35 churches have joined us in guiding, equipping, and launching the next generation!

Someone once said,
“Release time is the overlooked open door to reach public high school students.”

By God’s grace we are no longer overlooking this open door. And it all started with a simple prayer. To God be the glory!