Statement of Faith

Launch Ministries, Inc. is an interdenominational Christian organization committed to equipping the next generation with an uncompromising Biblical worldview. We believe that there are essential theological beliefs and nonessential beliefs. Our essential beliefs are nonnegotiable, our nonessential beliefs are held with a sense of humility which allow us to “agree to disagree” on certain issues. Here’s what we consider to be essentials…

  • The Bible, the Old and New Testaments, is uniquely God-inspired and completely truthful and trustworthy. It is the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and life, and accurate in all that it affirms.

  • There is one God, Creator of all things, Who alone is to be worshiped. God is infinite, perfect and eternally self-existent as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • The Father is holy, almighty, loving, the source of all goodness and truth, and it is He who determined to gather a people for Himself.

  • Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, died on the cross, was bodily raised from the dead on the third day, and is coming again according to the Scriptures.

  • The Holy Spirit draws sinners to Christ. The Holy Spirit, Who every believer receives upon becoming a Christ-follower, guides, empowers, and convicts of sin.

  • We are created in God’s image, but are alienated from God because of sin and now live in a sin-damaged world. Through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins, God restores, reconciles, and redeems those who place their faith (personal trust) in the person, and work, of Jesus Christ.

  • When Christ returns, the dead will be raised bodily, believers to eternal life with the Lord and unbelievers to final judgment.

  • We believe in the unity and common priesthood of all true believers, who together form one universal Church, the Body of which Christ is the Head.