Did you know that high school students in Idaho (and other states as well) can take an elective Bible class during the school day? They can, and they are! It is currently happening at 20 high schools across the state of Idaho and Washington at places we call Launch Pads.Learn More
Our mission is to bring launch pads to schools throughout the Northwest.  We’re growing quickly and can always use more support.  We want you!Learn More
Looking for a way to help out?  We can use your support!  If you can donate time, talent, or some good old-fashioned money, we’ll put it to good use.  Find out how.Learn More

Some have referred to Christian Release Time as “the overlooked open door into the public schools.” Not anymore!

Important: Launch Pad Christian Release Time Classes are non credited elective classes. The majority of students can take one non credited elective per semester and still meet graduation requirements.  You can, however, take Launch Pad classes for college credit.

It’s legal, it’s legitimate, and it’s life-changing!

IMAGINE the impact we can have in the lives of students when we get to teach them every day of the school year for 180 days a year. IMAGINE the depth of their faith as they leave high school. IMAGINE if every high school in the Treasure Valley (and beyond) had a Launch Pad program. That is the dream of Launch Ministries.

Please take some time to check out the rest of our site and the specifics about Launch Ministries & the Launch Pads. Hopefully, you will catch the vision to LOCK, LOAD, & LAUNCH the next generation!

I love Launch Pad! It is so refreshing to have a class in the middle of my school day that is centered on eternal truth. As I go back to the High School after a Launch Pad class I am encouraged because I know that I am not alone and I am a part of a BIG team.

Bekah - Launchpad Student